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Engineers communicate in one language from the Silicon Valley to Zaporizhzhia

Mitchell Barham, who is an expert in robotics from California (USA), at the Stanford University Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Laboratory visited Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy on Sept. 7, 2017

During the visit, Mitchell Barham  became acquainted with ZSEA laboratories, history, but the main purpose of his visit was the meeting with students – future software engineers.

There were no free space in the audience where the meeting was held, despite of the fact that the speech of a well-known engineer from the Silicon Valley, of course, was in English. Mitchell Barham is a world-class professional with experience in world-famous companies, who is also a charismatic lecturer. The story of the professional way of a famous engineer and about his participation in projects such as The Google Robot Initiative and Disney Research caused a lot of interest among the students and even after two hours they did not want to let Mitchell go. The students were asking the engineer from the Silicon Valley again and again and Barham Mitchell responded to them with a great pleasure.

So the official meeting with Barham went into an informal conversation that will be remembered for a long time by the students of the Academy. Students and renowned engineer from the Silicon Valley brought this meeting a real pleasure, as Mitchell Barham wrote in his letter to the rector of ZSEA Viktor Banakh.

Mitchell noted the high level of professional training of the students of the Academy, their purposefulness and interest in the mastering of engineering specialties, fluency in English.

At the end, Mitchell Barham noted that he is looking forward to returning to the Academy and hoping for future cooperation.